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Introducing Craft+Code: Behind The Dark Matter Digital Rebrand7 min read

7 min read

The Do Good Sh*t Agency.

Dark Matter Digital’s story began in 2017 with $500 in my pocket, repetitive instances of hitting the “what am I doing with my life?” crossroads, and a fire burning deep down inside me that I knew that I was built to do more in life than what I was doing. We I started as a one-man show, and now we’ve developed into a kick-ass group of 10, whose passion and dedication for our craft has lead us to where we are today.

2019 & 2020 marked explosive and exciting growth from all angles. We partnered with well-established and notable organizations, won a few awards, and continued to scale as an up and coming Orlando digital marketing agency. With give comes take, and ultimately our focus was always on our clients & partners – as it should always be – but that lead to the pieced together and stale environment we constantly found our brand in. I asked myself over and over again “Is it time to rebrand?”. (If you’re in the same dilemma, we wrote an article on that – “When to rebrand your company – is it time?“)

Toward the end of 2023, we embarked on a journey to rebrand Dark Matter Digital, 
and thus Craft+Code was born. Our strong reputation and dedication to the highest quality
of work has carried us far, but our bold vision for the future requires a fresh way of representing ourselves.

A Vision For The Future

To help forge a new path forward, we connected with other non-bias industry experts to complete a 360° assessment. We then followed the same process that Craft+Code takes our clients through. We interviewed ourselves, created countless mood boards, scratched out hundreds of logos, word marks and taglines (and even went as far as domain name purchasing and crafting a brand guide on another name) before launching Craft+Code. We acted on specific recommendations to bring us to this new level.

This included:

  • Performance benchmarking Craft+Code with other industry leaders
  • Reducing our service offerings to more strategic, high-value work
  • Role restructuring, including my position as founder

One thing has remained the same however, no matter what the gurus – the billionaire marketing gurus and conference keynote speakers – and their “niche down” talk – tell us. We refuse. At our core, Craft+Code aims to help all brands – from startups to matured enterprises craft more data-backed, result focus digital marketing campaigns, engaging websites, and awesome brands. We put our passion and experience to work for every single brand we align with to help them all achieve a common goal – Do Good Sh*t.

Craft+Code Tagline
Craft+Code Tagline

Do Good Sh*t

Originally, we believed that our “Do Good Sh*t” tagline was unique, bold and defining. While all of that remains true, we’ve transformed into a more bold stance with our tagline. We debuted – Do Good Sh*t around our central mission of helping brands across the business spectrum benefit from a bold, daring and motivating partnership with us and provide a better digital experience for their customers and set themselves apart from their competitors. From our initial discovery meeting to sign-off, we’re constantly analyzing, researching and implementing with that single goal in mind.

While “Do Good Sh*t” has codified itself as our tagline, it’s also something we (and you) should just expect. We have always strived to take our clients ideas and push the boundaries as far as we can, to exceed your expectations and provide a level of service that is uncustomary to the digital agency norms. We’re daring, our work is inspiring, and we’re motivated to Do Good Sh*t in a uniquely and unapologetic way towards the greater success of your brand.

Craft+Code Voice Pillars

The Craft+Code Voice

A breathe of fresh air from your typical digital marketing agencies – our brand voice attracts those who want to go bigger, go farther, and leave nothing to chance.

Daring: The business world is riddled with the “norm”. Endless cliches, tired thinking, and fear of making a splash. Our work puts others on notice and makes them sit up straight. We’re the relentless wake up call, and we don’t hold back.

Inspiring: Being daring makes people pay attention. When all eyes are on you, the “norms” won’t cut it. Helping brand leaders become industry leaders is what we set out to do, but it’s also our job to help show them that it is possible. “Some leaders lead from the front” – Rajen Jani.

Motivating: What our clients love the most about us – we have the experience and expertise to know what they should do and how to execute it. Therefore, every bold statement and spearheaded idea is underpinned by deep expertise and practical guidance.

Craft+Code Color Palette

Color Palette

We researched color palettes for months. Since inception, we’ve had a tendancy to be color-phobic with our visual identity. Black and white has underpinned our signature look since 2016. We realized that while we are a fan of monochromatic colors, we needed to pump in new and bold colors into our brand. We kept the monochromatic palette, but this time incorporated our signature “Craft Green” into our primary palette, and shifted more of our grey colors as a case-by-case use in a secondary palette.

Craft+Code Apparel

Craft+Code Apparel

Branded Swag

Our new visual identity opens the door for a new line of exciting branded apparel, graphic shirts, and swag items. We created a flexible brand system from personal swag to client brand kits like bottles, sweatshirts, and t-shirts.


Our ever evolving website was starting to look rundown and show it’s age. Years and years of stacking updates, introducing (but never completing) new ideas, and a mashup of design ideologies made for a sloppy mess. We designed and developed a new website from the ground up that fits in line with our brand architecture, highlighting our service verticals, showcasing recent case studies, and incorporated a larger focus on our content development system and how we connect with you, our audience. Our brand palette is bold, relentless, and approachable. Pairing with a clean typography, graphics, and a user-friendly journey across our website.

Let's Do Good Sh*t together.
- BH

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