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Pioneering Digital Type 2 Diabetes Management With 9am Health

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9am health sets out to provide care and support for individuals with diabetes, heart health and weight loss. By connecting with doctors, therapists, and medical professionals, you are able to be evaluated and then a customized plan is developed for you with on-going medication assistance and a care plan.

The Challenge

Being in a competivie digital space often presents issues when launching a new brand. 9am Health set out to pioneer a new, easy to use tool for patients looking to obtain affordable medications to help with their Type 2 Diabetes disease.

The Approach

Being such a dependable resource and treatment avenue for so many Type 2 Diabetes patients across America, our team put the user experience (UX) at the forefront of this project. We combined a tasteful and trustful color scheme, typography set, and overall mood of the website to pair with an easy to navigate user experience. Sorting of thousands of medical articles and helpful blog posts in a snap, categorization of medications based on conditions and a level of sophistication with slight website animations makes 9am Health an incredible tool to provide life saving medications to patients across the U.S.